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        From household utensils to atomic energy, special steel rare metal have been used extensively in various fields of industry. Special steel has been supporting a rapidly changing technological age. We are proud of ourselves concerning this business for a long period of time.Also we would like to say many thanks to our customers.

         We are good at designing, manufacturing and dealing in parts for apparatus in plants which consist of heatproof steel, anti-acid steel, tungsten or molybdenum among special steel and rare metal. Supplying materials such as super-heatproof steel, general heatproof steel, anti-abrasion steel, and rare metal is also our line.

           We act as an agent for makera intending to buila a plant such as petroleum, petrochemical, cement, iron, semi conductor, office automation, automobile, automic power, LNG, etc. In the highly technological development of today and amid the rising expectations from the customers, we have been trying to develop new technologies.We can supply to any areas in the world, making full use of our factories in Japan, China, Thailand and Mexico.

          In closing, we would, in view of the aforementioned, ask you to make the most of our services. Thank you.